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Uploading Files to Design Cases and Naming Standards

What is happening?

Please remember to name all files for a Design Information Application or a Design Submission appropriately and upload them to the correct area. If your files aren’t correctly named or uploaded, we’ll need to return your case to you. To avoid delays, please follow the user guides and tips below:

Tips for uploading files

  • The Details tab within the case is reserved for the Design Information Pack (DIP) or Certified Plans we share with you. Please ensure you upload relevant information in the Submissions Item (Case) tab – see Section 6 in the User Guides
  • Name the files correctly – see the naming standards indicated on page 22 of the user guides
  • We do not accept ZIP files to be uploaded for design documentation (we will accept photos in a ZIP folder - see below)
  • You can add multiple files at a time by selecting the files and dragging and dropping them
  • Since you are not able to delete files, if you upload something incorrect by accident, send a collaboration post on the case with instructions and the Design and Certification Officers officer will correct any errors.


Please ensure that photos are included for all design submissions – see Design Submissions – Mandatory photos. Include the appropriate asset or site number for each photo file and only upload relevant files. If additional review is needed to interpret photos, you may be invoiced for the additional time.

You can ZIP photos files into a ZIP folder for upload or combine them into a PDF document. Please don’t send video files.

Downloading your DIP and Certified plans

We’ve updated our internal processes to enable our Design and Certification Officers to ensure that only current design document revisions are available on the details page in the latest case.

If you need to refer to a previous revision, you can open the previously issued case and see the files and when you request a new revision of a DIP or a design re-certification, Essential Connections Portal clones the last case and copies all the files across to the new case.

What do you need to do?

  1. Review to the User guide: How to submit a Design Information Application (DIA), User guide: Managing Design Certification and Recertification Submission and Design Submissions – Mandatory photos communications.
  2. Communicate this information to relevant members of your organisation.

Further Information

If you need further information, please email

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