When will LED installation begin?

    The upgrading of existing streetlight assets during both planned bulk lamp replacement and reactive maintenance works commenced in 2019 through to 2023. Currently 96% of the network is now LED. 

    There are a small percentage of assets that are not compatible with our currently approved LEDs. We are continuing to source additional options for these, and our goal is to reach 100 per cent LED installation across our network area by FY 2024. 

    Will the upgrade to LED technology be more expensive than replacing existing technology like for like?

    There will be a higher up-front cost than non-LED streetlight, but the technology’s superior energy efficiency and lower maintenance will deliver greater cost savings over the life of the assets.

    How were the approved LED technologies selected?

    Products were selected through a competitive market process based on industry best practice to provide lighting options compliant to AS/NZS1158.

    Have each of the approved LED technologies been field tested to ensure they will deliver anticipated reductions in cost and environmental impacts?

    All products must be testified in a certified laboratory for quality and performance before being approved for use on Essential Energy’s network.

    You say the LEDs are ‘smart ready’. Does that mean they will be installed with smart capabilities?

    No, but they are capable of supporting smart technologies. We currently have a smart lighting trial being conducted in Bathurst LGA and will determine what the business case and Essential Energy's position towards smart technologies is post trial.