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almost 2 years ago


We value your opinion.

Essential Water is asking you to have your say on water services in Broken Hill.

Your feedback will help inform part of the water business's submission to the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for the review of water and sewerage pricing from 2019-23.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • Cniarros almost 2 years ago
    Hi can you please help explain to me why business' get charged so much for their fees.Eg. my shop's last bill was $245.51 with a water usage charge of $21.60. On top of everything I get charged a discharge fee. Now the business in question is a News Agency. All I do is flush the toilet and drink the water etc. Over $220 odd dollars in fees and charges. Bit rich I think!
    • Admin Commented Karyn Looby almost 2 years ago
      There are both fixed and variable costs of providing a safe, reliable and efficient water supply.Essential Water sets annual rates for its fixed and variable tariffs in line with guidelines set by the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), and with approval each year.Overall charges depend on the size of a customer’s connection and the volume of water they use. However, a typical customer on our network pays about two-thirds of their bill towards fixed availability charges, and the remaining one third varies according to individual water usage. The fixed charge proportion will be higher for customers whose variable usage is low.The fixed access charge is applied to all customers connected to our water supply network. It reflects the largely fixed costs of supplying and discharging water, which includes maintaining and upgrading the water supply network, providing system control centres and billing systems, a 24-hour customer contact centre, emergency response teams, and the cost of the assets themselves. It is a daily fee, multiplied by the number of days in the billing period, and is the fairest way of charging customers for making water supply available whether they use it or not. Businesses are also charged a service fee for sewerage, which is based on the size of their meter. If you think that your bill has been calculated incorrectly, please let us know and we can have someone from our billing team contact you separately.Have your say about our charges:Shortly, we’ll be uploading a survey you can complete to let us know your views on the level of our fixed versus variable charges and the impact this has on customers’ bills. We encourage you to complete the survey once it’s on this site so we can include your views in our submission to IPART in June this year.