Can I partner with Essential Energy on a funding application?

    You do not have to formally partner with Essential Energy to apply for funding. Stream B of this grant is open to entities with a registered Australia Business Number (ABN) and meet the eligibility criteria of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program.

    Essential Energy is currently assessing the grant funding guidelines. If you are interested in community batteries, please register by emailing us on

    What network tariff will be available to community batteries?

    The network tariff assignment is based on the specific attribute of each connection request. We suggest that applicants review Essential Energy’s Tariff Structure Statement and Pricing Schedules that have been submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator. These documents outline tariff assignment criteria with current and indicative future pricing.

    Essential Energy is currently proposing two tariff trials for battery energy storage systems connected to the low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) network. These tariffs are called LV Gridscale battery (BLTD4AO/BLTTBD1) and HV Gridscale battery (BHTD4AO/BHTTBD1). These tariffs have been included in the indicative pricing schedule in our regulatory proposal for FY2024-29, however, these tariffs are subject the outcome of the trial and regulatory approval. Essential Energy does not guarantee these tariff or associated pricing.

    What network support payments are available to community batteries?

    Essential Energy does not provide network support payments for community batteries. The proposed battery tariffs provide a rebate for any energy exported during network peak demand. Please refer to the Essential Energy’s Tariff Structure Statement available on the Australian Energy Regulator’s website for further detail on this tariff. Essential Energy does not guarantee these tariffs or associated pricing.

    Where can I place a community battery on the network?

    We strongly recommended that you enlist the support of electrical professional or Accredited Service Provider (ASP) to assist you in preparing your application. Essential Energy is not able to assist in site identification or specific details of individual applications for this funding program. Applicants should refer to the Resources above to access existing public information about our network and network area.